Lane Cove

Coffee Carnivale


The Concept.

Coffee Carnivale is an annual street festival at Lane Cove Council developed to stimulate local business and provide engaging activities for its community. The festival theme is constantly renewed each year creating a sense of excitement and wonder for community members and to engage with local businesses, products, and services.

The Experience.

Since the creation of the Coffee Carnivale festival in 2014, Active Division has partnered with Lane Cove Council, meticulously curating the 6hrs of highly engaging choreographed productions required for each festival.

Multiple staging points of complex live choreographed entertainment, combined with honourable members’ personal relations speeches, master of ceremonies, roving activations, film production units plus post production digital marketing social media assets.

Based upon the year’s theme, Active Division conceives, designs, and produces the highly engaging choreographed productions required for each year’s festival.

girls dancing
kids entertainment
shiu mc

The Results.


People attended


Cups of coffee consumed


Local businesses gained exposure to unique traffic


Synchronised performances