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Creating exciting lasting experience doesn’t happen by magic – it’s having proven process in strategic thinking and creative


Loyalty Benefits Programs

Active Division understands how important it is for businesses to keep fresh in their consumers minds – there’s no better way for business to build loyalty then by showing consumers you share their values & interests.

We align our content with leading establishments, providing a broad range of interests for consumers to enjoy – for our businesses to pass on these exclusive benefit rewards.  


Industry Events

What differentiates Active Division is our approach to creating engaging industry events – whether it’s a 1,000 person conference or an intimate dinner for 10, we apply the same thorough strategic thinking.

Our production capabilities and creative insight ensure we make every interaction between our clients and their audience engaging, effective and meaningful.

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Consumer Events

Active Division approaches each event by placing customers front and center of all that we do – we then shape our exciting and engaging interactions between businesses and their customers. 

By thoroughly knowing our markets, we know the how to when for producing high impact, visually stunning events that gets customers actively involved and receptive for trying something new and exciting.

Council Events

Active Division simply loves developing fun and exciting festivals and events for our awesome council teams. – Whether its a fun filled weekend of stage shows, mechanical rides, roving performers and sculptured designs to suit specific themes  or simply Friday afternoon activities.

We love being involved creatively but most importantly help our councils share the heavy workloads of creating these events, by providing our effective “beginning to end” logistical network support.

Private Events

Specialty private events are uniquely different through us – we don’t hold back on from creating stunning private gatherings fit for an elaborate exotic birthday or a fantasy filled valentines day

Active Divison puts in the same research and development engaging with our private events guest, as would be expected from our brand partners.